Organization Development & Training

Consulting & Coaching

OD&T consultants are available to assist UW Medicine managers, physicians, and staff in a variety of areas that deal with improving organizational, team, and personal effectiveness. Our goal is to help UW Medicine employees achieve their full potential, and we accomplish this by using a variety of methods and tools.

Leadership Development & Coaching

We are available to offer advice, strategies, new perspectives, and resources to leaders that are interested in either further developing their skills or who are facing specific challenges. Pulling from a variety of resources and personal experience, we help leaders examine existing behaviors, build improved self-awareness, and set new goals. This includes assessing individual preferences, leadership styles and strengths, and communication styles using instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strength Deployment Indicator, and the Emotional Intelligence Indicator.

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Team Development

Effective teamwork is crucial to accomplishing UW Medicine's mission. We assist teams in a variety of ways, including improving team communications and interactions, reconnecting teams to their core purpose or mission, and establishing team goals. As with Leadership Development & Coaching, several assessment instruments and consulting approaches are used to generate successful outcomes.

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Communication Skills Building & Conflict Management

Everyone recognizes the importance of effective communication, yet sometimes you may find yourself in challenging situations when working with others. We help individuals establish desired goals and then develop new habits for interacting with others successfully. Possible assessments and models include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Thomas Kilman Conflict model, the Emotional Intelligence Indicator, and Dialogue: Building Collaborative Communication.

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Organizational Changes

We all know how difficult change can be, especially when it’s happening to us! We offer strategies to managers and their teams to help them think of change in new ways so that they can be more adaptive in an ever-changing environment.

A sample of possible approaches includes:

  • Discovering Core Purpose
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Organizational Fitness
  • Systems Thinking

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For More Information:

To learn more about these services or to request consulting assistance, please contact Organization Development and Training at 206-598-6118.

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